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Psychological and counselling treatments:

Psychotherapist and Counsellor in Wokingham


I have been helping people to overcome a wide range of issues for many years. I received my training from the Department of Psychology at the University of Roehampton, where I was awarded the qualification of Doctor of Psychology (PsychD) in Psychotherapy & Counselling, which was converted from the completion of a Master of Science (MSc) award in Counselling & Psychotherapy. I have worked in both the NHS and within the private sector. I work alongside other local professionals including consultant psychiatrists and clinical psychologist & counselling psychologists providing a range of different psychological interventions including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT, Psychodynamic, Psychoanalytical, Solution focused therapy and couples counselling. I am registered with the majority of private medical insurance companies including BUPA, AXA PPP, WPA, Allianz, Standard Life, AVIVA and Vitality.


Psychotherapy and Counselling Locations in Wokingham and Reading in Berkshire

I hold practising priviliges at Wokingham Psychology, Woosehill Medical Centre, the Priory HospitaL Woking and The Berkshire Independent Hospital in Reading in Berkshire.  My counselling rooms in Wokingham and Reading provide a safe and therapeutic environment, offering daytime, evening and weekend appointments. There is onsite free parking and disabled access at Woosehill Medical Centre.

Counselling and Psychological therapy for mental health and life events...


Life can at times feel difficult and overwhelming. The stresses and strains of everyday life can impact on our mental and psychological well-being in a number of different ways. Some people may find themselves becoming depressed and possibly not wanting, or able, to go out of their house. Others may become full of anxiety and feel constantly on red alert, worrying about a multitude of things. Sometimes people experience a panic attack for the first time, unsure of what is happening to them and can feel that they are having a heart attack, they can then live in fear of ever having another panic attack as they are unsure as to why it occurred in the first place.


Counselling and Psychotherapy to help build constructive coping skills

People may try to self medicate by excessively drinking or taking illegal drugs or simply comfort eat, all these are destructive coping strategies, however at times feel our only option. Psychological support from a clinical psychologist or counselling psychologist or psychotherapist can often help to identify more constructive ways of managing our distress.


Many people suffer in silence without asking for help, making that first phone call can be extremely difficult, however is often the first steps to taking control of your life again. If you would like to speak to me in confidence please call 01189 680 900.

Update January 2021 - Please note that unfortunately my waiting list is currently full and I am unable to accept new referrals at this time. I wish you all the best with your recovery - Dr Christian Buckland

If you would like to discuss your situation, please feel free to call me in confidence on 01189 680 900 and I will be happy to talk through how I may be able to help.