The end of a marriage can be one of the most stressful life events that someone will face for either or both parties. The one who chooses to leave may find it just as difficult, maybe even more, than the other person. Divorce can bring up lots of different emotions and feelings which can include guilt, anger, anxiety, grief, shame and confusion. The prospect of divorce alongside these feelings can feel extremely overwhelming. Where there are children involved in the marriage, there is an extra and very important dimension to be taken into consideration and this can also lead to feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope.

Many people seek counselling prior to separating or divorcing as this can be useful to look at the relationship in a safe environment before deciding on whether or not the relationship will end.

Counselling during divorce or seperation can provide a rational and objective perspective on the situation and this can help to empower the person with the necessary skills to be able to work through the emotional rollercoaster that divorce can bring. Counselling can also provide an opportunity to learn more about themselves, what they want in a relationship and also what they do not want. It can also help to understand more about the choices we make in relationships, whether it is asking the question why am i always attracted to a certain type of person or why do i feel the need to always end the relationship. Counselling can help with the difficult life transition that divorce can bring and can often encourage personal growth and development.

Adjusting to life after divorce can be painful and difficult. You may feel you do not recognise your life at all, there may be concerns as to finances, seeing the children, how to talk to family members. The worry over losing friends and family members can also add a large amount of stress into your life. Overcoming the guilt towards your children can be a very difficult and overwhelming experience and one that can often cause us to freeze and not make decisions. These and more concerns are encouraged to be worked through during counselling and can often help provide coping skills for this emotional time.


I have a number of years experience in providing counselling for people going through divorce whether it is amicable or not, it can be one of the most stressful situations we can face. If you would like to talk through your situation and to see whether I feel counselling may help, please feel free to call me on 01189 680 900.

Divorce counselling