Main symptoms of a personailty disorder


  • Feelings of being overwhelemed by negative thoughts and feelings such as anxiety, sense of worthlessness or anger

  • A difficulty in being able to manage negative feelings without feeling the need to self harm, this can include hurting oneself, abusing alcohol or drugs and taking overdoses

  • Behaviour that may be deemed to others as different or odd

  • Difficulty in maintaining close and stable relationships with partners and children

  • Occasional periods of a feeling of a lost connection with reality

Pesonality disordes generally speaking emerge in adolescence and continue into the person's adult life. Some people speculate that personality disorders are associated with genetic and family factors and some professionals feel that sometimes there are experiences of distress or extreme fear during the sufferer's childhood which can include neglect or abuse. According to the NHS it is estimated that one in every twenty people have a personailty disorder and for many of these people the disorder may only be debilitating during periods of stress ushc as bereavement or the end of a relationship.


Counselling and Psychotherapy can help patients suffering from a personailty disorder, counselling and psychotherapy when dleivered by a trained psychotherapist and counsellor may aim to improve the sufferer's ability to regulate their thoughts and emotions and to not feel totally overwhelmed by their feelings.


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Personality disorders are mental health conditions in which a person differs significantly from an average person in relation to how they think, feel, perceive the world or relate to others. These differences in how a person feels and some beliefs that may seem distorted due to whatever reason can lead people to participating in behaviour that others may perceive as different or odd and this can be extremley distressing for the individual.

Personility Disorders