Relationships can make us feel great as well as making us feel extremely low. How we interact with other people is vital to us as human beings and when we are in a relationship with another person how we relate to that person can be even more important. When things start to go wrong in a relationship it can feel like your whole world has been shaken and if left can lead to one of both parties becoming increasingly unhappy.

All relationships have their good and bad times and there is undoubtedly always some level of conflict that can arise. It is how we deal with this conflict that can become important to the relationship. Conflict handled in a productive manner can actually help to strengthen the relationship and make it easier when new issues arise.

There are a number of different reasons people come to counselling to look at their relationships. Some may come to counselling to help understand what they are feeling about a relationship or to try to find a way to move forward within the relationship. Others come to counselling as they have decided that the relationship is over and want to look at how they will leave and what this would mean to them. People who feel extremely hurt due to a relationship may often want to look at how they will ever be able to trust someone again as they may be concerned that they will never allow anyone to become close again.


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Counselling for Relationship difficulties